Twitter Doesn't Bite

What was so special about the weekend of February 14th a couple of years ago? Yes, it was Valentine’s Day, but more importantly, for me, it was a weekend of firsts.  It was my first-ever book festival which was amazing -- and in person! It was the first time I met several of the Amelia Indies in person.

I also received an introduction to the world of social media, starting with Twitter. To say I was reluctant is a bit of an understatement. I really didn't want to do it, but that introduction came with a bit of instruction from the person whose couch I'd camped on for the weekend. Saying 'no' would have been extremely awkward.

Since that introduction, I have been out in Twitter Land following interesting people and organizations, composing tweets with pictures or gifs, and retweeting correctly. From time to time, I have managed to delete myself from conversations that I am supposed to be a part of and add myself to others -- but so far, I haven't done much that can't be easily remedied.

Comfortable, Competent & Social

So where does this leave me?  I'm a comfortable and competent user of social media. I am proud to report that I have learned the following:

The difference between member chat and member promos

How to reply without retweeting

Difference between # and @

How to search by # to find and follow people with similar interests

Looking through friends' feeds to see who else I might want to follow

When I have questions or want feedback, using @ to connect with specific individuals

How and why to pin a Tweet and what to do with those of others

How to spot and block (or remove) fake accounts

All in all, it was a very social day!

Rosina Leigh Eller