Andrea Patten

What do addiction treatment, anti-violence advocacy, workshops for women, and affordable options for authors have in common? On the surface, not too much... unless you're talking about author and dot-connector Andrea Patten. 

To Andrea, all of those "unrelated" things are about helping people tell their stories in ways that bring meaning and connection. And improve lives. 

Fueled by chronic curiosity, a bit of creativity, and a stubborn refusal to fail, Andrea spent many years launching ideas to help people get unstuck. Sometimes things don't work -- and when that happens, she's crazy-confident that it's only because there's a better solution just around the corner. A passion for writing — in almost any form — keeps her dots somewhat connected and the projects moving forward.

Her books come from a passion reflected in one of her favorite questions: What if everyone is only one good idea away from a better life?

After all, it only takes one. One good idea.