Kristine Ochu

Author Kristine Ochu (right) with fellow #AmeliaIndie Lisa Wilber.

The instant Kristine Ochu first stepped onto a spinning log, she fell in love -- a love that eventually led her to win several log-rolling titles, including the World's Senior Amateur Championship. This is not surprising: she has always embraced new challenges and experiences, constantly seeking to expand her knowledge.

If we were to try to describe her areas of interest, the most concise definition is exploring the limitless potential of human beings. This brought her into diverse fields such as meditation, energy medicine, creative visualization, transformational and motivational psychology, sports psychology, mindfulness, Universal Laws, neuroscience, quantum physics, and spirituality.

Kristine's goal has always been to share these teachings, something this adventurous spirit does through workshops and, more recently, through her novel Campfire Confessions.

After growing up in Hayward, Wisconsin, surrounded by the beauty of Lake Windigo and the forest, her personal journey has taken unexpected twists and turns. She enjoyed a fulfilling career as an International Human Resource Executive in various companies, which was complemented by her Master's in Industrial Relations and a B.A. in Psychology.

The founder of Windigo Productions, a renowned documentary film company, has also written six screenplays and a children's book titled No Pooping on the Dock! The Owl and the Looney, Whacky, Crazy, and Naughty Ducks.

Ochu firmly believes community involvement is essential to broadening perspectives and bringing about positive change. She actively participates in numerous organizations, including the Global Women's Club, Women in Film and Video New England, and Harvard Square Script Writers. 

Additionally, has personally rescued, fostered, and adopted five senior Golden Retrievers.

After many years as a single parent, Kristine is grateful to have met the love of her life. Together, they find joy in the company of friends, family, and nature, engaging in activities such as hiking, kayaking, and tennis and occasionally indulging in a high-scoring round of golf. They split their time between Hayward, Wisconsin, and Amelia Island, Florida.

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