Lisa Wilber

When the top female marketer in the world focused on selling her own book, we were not surprised with the result: straight to #1 on the first day. That book, Said the Lady with the Blue Hair, maintains steady sales and gets excellent reviews. 

How does she do it?

Lisa Wilber, an Avon business owner for 35 years, transformed her skills and experience into a dynamic book marketing enterprise, and recently, several co-op members benefitted from her success.

Lisa started selling Avon products at 18, becoming full-time a few years later. By 1994, as part of Avon’s 

then newly-launched leadership program, Lisa quickly reached the company’s top level of compensation, where she has stayed, racking up over $7M in personal earnings.

In addition, she and her team have performed in the Top 10 in team sales volume — for more than 25 years. She has conducted sales and service seminars across the United States, Canada, Ireland, and the UK.

When Wilber sets her sights on a goal, she doesn't miss and those accomplishments have been widely recognized. A short list includes: