Aleida Socarras 

After more than thirty years in the energy industry, Aleida Socarras retired. She looks back on her career with gratitude for all she accomplished and, more especially, for the wonderful people she worked with. "Not every day was enjoyable," she says, "but overall, it was a remarkable career."

Now, happily retired, she has time to pursue the things she loves: traveling, reading, writing, spending time outdoors, and being an active part of her children's lives. 

Like so many Amelia Indie Authors, Aleida's plan to start out with a light-hearted travel blog was knocked temporarily off course by events beyond her control: a worldwide pandemic, racial unrest, floods, and unprecedented fires out west, are some of the obstacles she met along the way. 

But overcoming obstacles is part of Aleida's DNA. Literally. Her parents immigrated to the United States from Cuba in the late 1960s to escape Communism and give their children the opportunity for a better life. That experience shapes Aleida's stories.

In her first book, When The Flying Nun Crashed, Aleida tells a captivating tale of three sisters straddling two worlds - the United States and their beloved homeland. For Freedom's Sake: A Mother and Daughter's Journey takes us on a historical adventure, offering unique perspectives from both mother and daughter. Prepare to be moved as she sheds light on the sacrifices made for freedom and gives voice to the families whose lives were forever changed by Operation Peter Pan. 

You can count on this author to keep sharing her views on important topics and imparting the lessons she learns on her life journey, whether traveling in their RV or at home.