Committed to Excellence

There are few things better than a good story well told, and that's our focus: the things that turn good stories into great ones. The transformation from quality to excellence. Our co-op model promotes collaboration, embraces great ideas, nurtures the committed author, and supports them in polishing and publishing great stories. 

While some see our assessments as 'never good enough,' others appreciate the relentless pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our work.

Our vision is to be so good at what we do that organizations seek us out for speakers and events; that indie bookstores and readers look forward to new releases because they trust that any book published via Amelia Indie Authors is well worth their time and money.

Collaboration is at the core of our being. AIA started out as a small group of local authors helping each other through creative development, events, online critique partnerships, mutual support, and friendly advice. Collaboration through blogging, special promotions, and social media increased and extended our reach and impact. Collaboration can be difficult as well, but when those involved are committed to excellence in communication and relationship? Working together creates a powerful force. You'll feel that when you click here to meet the founders.

Members include writers of all stages. They may join at any level of writing prowess and allow our rigorous process, publishing resources, and collaboration with others to lift them to a confident, professional level. The combination of creative collaboration and affordable author services helps develop, nurture, and elevate independently published books to their highest quality.

Published authors benefit by connecting to others just like them who are strengthening platforms, promoting books and events, and seeking new audiences. The enhanced reach that comes from announcing events and releases together cements their belief and bonds with one another.

Give your readers the same confidence they have in books produced by the big publishing houses. Join us today, and identify your work with an AiA stamp of approval!