Rosina Leigh Eller

Surviving the loss of her beloved husband was one of the hardest things Rosina has ever done. Despite having a background full of useful tools and experiences, her suffering was intense. That background includes twenty years as a social worker for troubled teens, battered women, and folks with mental illness. She then turned her focus to developing suicide prevention training.

For more than two additional decades, she improved her writing skills when she worked for a large insurance provider to design, implement, and deliver training throughout the US.

Upon retirement from corporate life, she turned her focus back to her personal growth and journey with grief. Her soulful storytelling is infused with experience, strength, and hope as she strives to heal hearts broken by grief. 

She regularly reminds us that the death of a spouse is not the only cause of grief, and her support is always gentle and non-judgemental. In addition to using Twitter/X to reach out to people who grieve, Rose has started a Facebook group called Love, Loss, and the Little Things, where members can ask for help, share memories, and provide support and acknowledgment to others.