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Amelia Indie Authors is a love child. OUR love child. Love of story… love of writing… love of the island… love of other writers. It is also a child of frustration and lots of late-night conversations.

This is a special place for writers. Authors not only connect with each other, but the surrounding natural beauty also invites creativity and collaboration. This place loves and nurtures writers — and we love it right back.

Despite our varying genres and experience levels, the founders share many values. Each, for example, has devoted significant amounts of time to supporting and mentoring other authors. Each founder also shares a deep disappointment (!!) in professionals who take advantage of writers — especially writers new to the indie author scene.

Those influences encouraged us to put our heads and hearts together to come up with something different: an affordable way for writers to help one another and access high-quality services.

Are you committed to making good stories better? Extending a helping hand to another writer? Continuous growth as an author? What if you could pay a virtual visit to this island paradise any time you wanted — and were saving money in the process?

There are many ways to get involved with Amelia Indie Authors, and we hope there’s one that’s right for you.

1)  Apply to become a member. Members pay an annual fee and contribute to the group with various co-op jobs, determined by the skills you offer and/or a part of the book business you’d like to learn or perfect.

2) Attend our events — online or in person. We announce them on our Facebook page and, from time to time, in our newsletter.

3) Speaking of Facebook, you can connect with us on other social media. Like. Comment. Follow. Char. Share. Help us make social media more social.

4) Pitch us! Do you want to offer an event? Share a great blog post? Something else? email 

We’re always looking for qualified and committed members to collaborate with us in our ongoing mission to make good stories better. Are you that type of writer?

 How Much Does it Cost?

It breaks our hearts to see authors get ripped off. We’re generally a peace-loving people, without hate… but preying on writers? That could push any one of us over the edge.

Amelia Indie Authors won’t take your money unless we think we can help you.

Membership gives you introductions to editors and proofreaders we know, like, and trust. First-class cover designers. Tools we like. And the ability to brainstorm or get feedback on your burning questions. Oh…and the social media support and live online events… our other amazing members…. and…

Yeah — Sounds Great,  But How MUCH???

We realize that not everyone is a fit for what we are doing, so we ask that you start by filling out our simple application. 

We are still evolving and offer an introductory, early-adopter co-op membership price of $60 per year. So quick… fill out our simple application, and if we think you’re a fit, we’ll send you a link to pay for your membership and some ways to get started.

But Didn’t You Say Something About Saving Money?

We’re always on the lookout for high-quality, affordable author services and are pleased to offer you website hosting as one of your first member benefits. (We’ll be adding more as we grow.) With many hosting services charging in excess of $100 per year to run your site? Co-op membership is already saving you money. And if you have absolutely NO idea what we’re talking about? Apply today and let us connect you with someone reliable and affordable to walk you from obtaining a domain name to see your site “up in lights”!

Contact Us

Questions? Comments? An idea for collaboration? Need to get in touch with one of the partners? Email us your idea, and we’ll get it to the right place.

You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, and on Twitter.