Donna Lee Overly

DonnaLee is a spirited adventurer who sees life as an exciting journey filled with opportunities to explore, seek adventure, and try new things. She has delved into various fields, driven by her passion for helping others. Nursing became her calling, and she obtained an A.S. from St. Petersburg College, FL, specializing in critical care. After a twenty-year career as a registered nurse, DonnaLee began pursuing her love for art by earning a B.A. in Studio Art from the University of Texas, Austin. 

DonnaLee excelled professionally while passionately embracing fitness and sports. She twice represented Texas in a USTA National Tournament and later coached a high school team in California. Her drive to contribute goes far beyond the tennis court. Her passion for service has created an impressive resume of volunteer positions; some listed below.

If volunteering has taken Overly to interesting places, it's fueled by her adventurous spirit. Fortunately, her husband shares the love of exploration, so, they are embracing travel "while we still can." Visiting the Egyptian pyramids and exploring countries around the Mediterranean are a few of their dream destinations.

In 2014 DonnaLee's passion for storytelling surfaced and she embarked on writing her first novel. Not surprisingly, her characters took on lives of their own, leading to the creation of multiple novels. Once The Knot. Series I reached its conclusion with The Hitch, DonnaLee found her imagination still bursting with ideas. Stan, a character entangled in the King family, insisted he had his own story.

DonnaLee couldn't resist his pleas. She moved on to create The Knot Series II, revolving around Stan's journey as he discovers his unique gifts in a Western action and romance novel with a modern-day twist. She believes these series have the potential to be adapted into a fantastic TV series, so if you know any producers, please keep her in mind!

In addition to fiction, she also completed a self-help/memoir called Discover Gold: Achieve Happiness and Reach for Dreams.